4 years ago


Self-Esteem is important to an individual’s path to success. For youth and young adults, it is easy to get discourage, especially when bullied by their peers. It is easy to feel your self-worth isn’t much. This is where the Thomas P. Murphy Foundation steps in to encourage and motivate children and young adults to know that they are priceless and superb, especially in resilience.

Self-esteem is “confidence in one`s own worth or abilities; self-respect.” People can be cruel and at times life can seem unforgiven. But, if you feel great about yourself you can overcome adversity. The key is, “Don’t let anything get you down!” Bad friends and trends come and go, but loving yourself is forever! Just a little confidence booster from an encouraging word can make a difference in a person`s credence!

The Thomas P. Murphy Foundation recognizes the need for encouragement. That’s why it was an honor to give back to the Marietta, Oklahoma public school. To boost kids in need of self-esteem we gave back thirty pair of new shoes, in hope of that these students will walk toward success! We would like to thank the helpful employees at Hibbett Sports for their help in supplying foot wear, and thank Mrs. Kim Fraire for helping in assisting with taking these donations to the students!

Thanks sincerely!

Thomas P Murphy Foundation 

Thomas Murphy