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Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring Relationships

At a very early age youth fall victim and/or are revealed to a culture that is saturated by racial discrimination, controlled substances, and gang violence. These unfortunate mishaps are the gateways to school drop out rates, rape, unwanted pregnancies, break-ins, and much more.

From youth to adults this cycle plagues our streets and inner-city communities at alarming rates.

In this article I hope to touch on just a few key points that you and I as mentors can do to reduce these poverty stricken cycles.

First and foremost, mentoring makes a substantial difference. The fact that at least one positive and caring adult role-model can take an interest in mentoring another individual is powerful.

Think about it. The biggest need of any human heart is to simply "be understood." ...Someone that will listen them, talk to them, tell them they can help, etc.

Many youth and young adults today who are mentored while maturing are not likely to succumb to such negative life cycles. In fact, they dream of the opposite until they're robbed of those dreams by their own repeated actions of not knowing any better. 

...But is that all there is too it? Someone teaching them to know better?

To put simply, Yes!

The problem is, people don't care about what you know until they know you care. Without showing you care, their cynical perceptions of you mean no more to them than the adults, parents, and peers that already walked out on them. If we understood what genuine care and understanding looked like in our homes and institutions it will certainly assist in decreasing the domino effect of such negative societal behavior.

Unfortunately, genuine care and understanding are relative to cultures. It's the embedded character of generations that came before that have the most influence in determining just what that TLC (Tender, love and care) exactly looks like. As mentors we need to do what we can to teach what we know works. We know what works the more we ban together to make a difference by starting with our families and communities.

3 boys and mentor

In short, I believe we all need the assistance and relationship of someone we can look up too. ...Someone that can help us make those crossroad choices in life. ...Someone that can help us think independently and solve our own problems. However, what's most important is  at the end of the day are we taking what we've learned to help someone else?

The law of compensation is how many people you help and how well you help them.  Little do we know, we are compensated much more when we help others than we we just help ourselves, because the road is "less traveled" for the those that come after us.

You see, everyone wants to win the race at this thing we call life. In fact, many of them run pretty fast. The problem is, they don't realize that together we can run so much further than anyone person can alone. I'd take the reward as team, over a reward just for me anyday.

Why? ...Because it's a "bigger bank for you buck."...I mean I believe in rewards we can teach people how to obtain as much more satisfactory than any one reward I may receive in my life-time.

Moreover, life is too hard to go through it alone. It will beat you down until you learn how to make hard choices that fight for your childhood dreams. Stand up for what your heart has always said, because it's there where your treasure will always be. Otherwise, you'll never learn how to truly live your life. Instead, you'll be living the life of someone else.

Furthermore, everywhere we look someone somewhere needs mentoring. When it's provided people are much more likely to have academic efficiency, better self-esteem, great decision-making characteristics, and a sense of fitting in.

As a challenge, let's always be giving back in ways the show we care about everyone and anyone. This will impact our societies for many years to come.

Ross Curington

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