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Forms of Hip Hop Inspires Young People

Hip Hop Speaks

As I spoke motivation into a microphone Monday afternoon at the Rodarte Community Center.

I said, “I am,”
“Someone,” the kids yelled back.

I want the kids to know they are someone and that they don’t need to depend on anyone to create lives for themselves!

As the founder and creator of the Thomas P. Murphy Foundation, I've created Hip Hop Academics as a class to incorporate hip hop into everyday life and success of others.

Hip Hop Academics is just one of the classes offered at the Rodarte Community Center, part of Fun In The Sun, a summer program for kids ages 6-17.

hip hop event

After wrapping up this week at the Rodarte youth got the chance to express their creative side through the means of hip hop, art and dance. We also focused on good morals. Things like, no stealing, no drugs, no alcohol. Really, helping people do the right instead of the the wrong thing.

We’ve taught them self efficiency, resiliency and how to be productive citizens by working hard. Today’s circumstances don’t determine tomorrow’s future. We’re helping these kids go from being a leader on stage to being a leader in the real world.

The program has reiterated the importance of not doing drugs for Izaiah Gomez, 12.
“I’ve been taught to do the right thing and don’t always follow what your friends do. It could get you in severe trouble,” Gomez said.

Hip Hop youth share

Throughout the summer, kids have participated in art contests, songwriting, recording and more. Angel Villa, 12, said that he’s learned about different ways that people express themselves.

When people express themselves they can see what is going on in their life a little bit clearer. It also makes it easier to not only understand them, but how we can help them help themselves. 

If you don’t help yourself, nobody else can. That’s the first step.

Thomas Murphy

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