Author Thomas P Murphy

The Thomas P Murphy foundation was created in 2016, by Thomas P. Murphy with the mission to, “Help others- help themselves.’ “Help you help you.”’ Growing up in a poverty stricken  environment, Thomas P. Murphy was able to overcome adversity by utilizing education, guidance, and counseling. Understanding that we all share a moral importance to help one another, Thomas P. Murphy's foundation is giving back just as others has giving unto him, which played a major role in his success in life.

The Thomas P Murphy Foundation gives help in encouraging youth and adults to get the most out of their lives by being self-sufficient, and retaining a healthy lifestyle. As funds allow, the foundation will provide the tools that is necessary to achieve an individual goal, such as vouchers, school supplies, clothing, and counseling; serving people who are misfortune due to poverty.


Moreover, The Thomas P. Murphy Foundation hopes to teach men and women alike to live self-sufficient lifestyles. This principal is known for 'Teaching a Man to Fish.' Although, the Foundation provides the tools neccessary to help individuals, it's not until they are able to help themselves are they then able to 'catch fish' on their own.

The Thomas P Murphy Foundation does not discriminate regardless of race, religion, age, sex, or disability. We are all apart of the human race!

Board Member Directors:

Gerald J. Walker & Yolinda Wilson

Special Thanks:

Stephanie Chavez - 'Teach a Man to Fish' - Design